Search Process




Once a search has been contracted to Navigator Resources we work closely with the client to understand the job assignment, the company culture and management style, so that we can effectively represent the client.  Our consultants meet with key members of the management team to determine the position requirements, mission, values, personalities, goals, culture, strategic direction and challenges.  The search framework is customized to meet the specific needs of each client.  A value added benefit inherent in our search process is our uncompromising effort to present each client company in the best possible manner to all potential candidates.


Initial Phase

The first step of any search assignment begins with the establishment of specific requirements for the position(s) being assigned.  A job description is formulated to include the responsibilities and duties that the potential employee will be expected to perform.  A listing of candidate qualifications is then established for work experience, educational background and personal attributes needed to excel within the company culture.  When possible an identification of target companies with similar positions is referenced to begin the recruitment process.



Using our knowledge, expertise and experience, the search unit contacts individuals through the firms comprehensive and confidential database, who possess attributes similar to the position requirements.  Each candidate is initially recruited and screened by telephone.  Personal interviews are then conducted for those individuals with the appropriate qualifications.  This process enables us to hone our analysis of each candidate and present only those who possess the specific requirements for the position.



Constant communication with the client is the key to successful completion of any search project.  Clients receive progress summaries as frequently as requested in addition to informal updates.  This enables us to make any modifications early in the process.  Candidate profiles are conducted for each individual being considered for the position including specific work history, educational background, personal attributes, current compensation and an assessment of the candidates abilities.  We remain in contact with potential hires and act as a liaison to ensure that interviews are scheduled, travel arrangements are made and the needs and expectations of both parties are effectively communicated.


Final Phase

Once a candidate selection is made, we work with the individual to understand and communicate his or her needs with regard to issues such as, career objectives, compensation, relocation, trailing spouse employment, housing and schools.  We can assist our client in the development of the compensation package and act as a conduit to minimize and resolve any issues that may arise during the offer process.