Let us help you find your best self  in all areas of your life.


Effective Communication

Communication effectiveness includes verbal, written, non-verbal and digital. This pillar emphasizes skills like:

  • Active listening
  • Assertiveness
  • Visibility
  • Credibility
  • Nonverbal communication
  • Email etiquette

Your resulting communication style will be more intentional and congruent with your leadership brand.


Emotional Intelligence

As humans, we feel before we think and act. Emotionally intelligent leaders can identify these feelings and use them as a powerful tool to enhance working relationships. Research proves EI (emotional intelligence) is more relevant than IQ (intellectual quotient) and technical skills combined. Executive coaching in this area helps you recognize emotions as signals and establish organizing principles to maintain your best self.



Career Counseling

Career counseling offers in-depth career information, strategies, and resources to support you in your career development and success while navigating a transition to a better job or career. Clients receive one-on-one counseling to help them find a career in which they can thrive.

The Process:

  • Increases understanding of how the individual fits into the work world and facilitates finding the ideal career
  • Guides clients step-by-step through the career transition process
  • Answers the myriad of questions that come up in a career change
  • Provides helpful information, tips, advice, and resources
  • Helps clients stay focused and motivated
  • Assists clients in overcoming obstacles and dealing with personal problems and issues that can interfere their careers
  • Provides assistance with the nuts and bolts of job or career searches, such as resume development, preparation for successful interviews, and negotiating salary

Executive Presence

There is the executive in the mirror – and the person the rest of the world sees. Through coaching, you’ll learn to first see yourself as others see you, and then explore the factors that can influence their perception. Coaching may cover topics like:

  • How your personal posture, stance, and mannerisms affect your brand
  • Social expectations
  • Nuances of professional etiquette from board meetings to business lunches
  • The psychological drivers that affect actions, choices and ultimately, reputation

As you explore your executive presence and discover new tools, you’ll find it easier to build and maintain trust with clients, partners, and your team.


Leadership Development

You’ve likely developed a signature leadership style. Whether you’re taciturn or aggressive, hands-off or elbows-deep, leadership development provides opportunities to learn new skills and empower your team to reach peak performance. Your coach will help you identify key areas for improvement, including:

  • Strengthening relationships and building trust with your team
  • Generating and maintaining excitement for your work
  • Initiating goal-setting and metrics for subordinate development
  • Mediating conflict and aligning disparate points of view


Career Transition Coaching

For those who need less intensive or in-depth assistance, we offer weekly or bi-weekly career transition coaching services.

One-on-one career coaching helps clients gain:

  • Greater clarity and direction for their future career
  • Significant increase in focus, motivation, and productivity
  • Insight into how to leverage strengths and talents to their fullest potential
  • Improve career transition results
  • Achieve promotions and see greater success in your career

Coaching is a service providing one-on-one guidance and support as clients work towards implementing the steps in developing a career direction and a successful transition. Clients define and achieve career goals more quickly and with more ease than would be otherwise possible.