Each search is conducted by a team of consultants, researchers, and administrative personnel.  In most situations, the client identifies one person who maintains the primary relationship and manages the account.  This individual typically best understands the client's needs, goals, directions and philosophies, and is therefore in a position to evaluate the specifications of the search.  It is that person's responsibility to make ultimate decisions on the qualification of the candidates.  This approach enables our firm to provide clients with a superior level of responsiveness, while at the same time establishing long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.

While every organization is unique, the necessity for strong leadership is universal.  By integrating Navigator Resources into your hiring practices, you can be assured that you have a relationship with a group that provides a personal commitment to your business.  Our networks and sources allow us to expediently identify candidates whose industry expertise and management experience will enhance the qualities of your organization.


Navigator Resources adheres to the strictest standard of confidentiality and respects the sensitive nature of any information or circumstances presented.  Through our continuing commitments, innovation, and track record of success, we have earned a reputation as one of the premier search firms in the industry.  The key to an organization’s success is its ability to navigate and adapt in an ever-changing environment.

The Navigator team knows all about the daily challenges faced by corporate staffing executives—especially in today’s competitive economy. We understand the value of placing the right candidate—someone who will be a productive team member and will help to drive and grow your business. We strive to find the ideal candidate to fulfill your present staffing needs.

Our search process is conducted in a time-sensitive, professional and confidential manner, utilizing our sophisticated executive search process, our superior database, and our far-reaching network connections. Our dedicated team of professionals stands ready to fill all your staffing objectives.